Entertainment style readings are NOT my thing. Tarot, Astrology, ‘readers’ of any kind, have to claim their services are for entertainment purposes only. I worked for a psychic company for years that stood by that claim, from root to tip.

The boss would have me carry a pocket timer. More often than not, I was limited to 1-3 minutes to give a reading. It seemed a bit ridiculous.  How can anyone offer a useful reading in that short of a time frame? It came with the territory, though, and seemed to be what people wanted – a show. Ha- I remember having to dress up in these wild costumes, the cherry on top, adding that special something to the event..READ MORE


Every tarot card in the deck is associated with a planet and zodiac sign.   As the astrological clock ticks on our lives are influenced by the constant and ever-changing cosmic patterns. The ASTROLOGICAL CLOCK is indeed ALIVE ...and so too are the meanings of the TAROT CARDs.  Detailed and personal ASTRO Reports also available. 


I read the tarot cards in combination with real time cosmic patterns. This allows me to shift between past, present and future effortlessly.  Every reading is done with care and includes dates most important for you in regard to your concerns . These are not average Tarot readings.  Every card is alive with NEW meaning when read under the guidance of the stars.

Superb reading. Direct, straight to the point advice yet, very good at explaining all variables at play. Thank you.



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