WORLD & 2018 Astrology

The WORLD tarot card, in the simplest terms speaks of  completion, endings, solid structure, inflexibility, hard work and discipline. It is about beginnings and endings of the long-term variety. Time constraints, focus and foundation building are among the tools and considerations necessary on the seeker/subject's path when the WORLD pops up onto the scene.

It isn’t an overly joyous card.Rather, age, practicality, experiences that have made one worn and weathered. Traditions and the rules of game are kind of anti-fun-fancy-free. However, all of these qualities share something in common, they are of great use when one is clear on the purpose and direction.

It is no wonder the WORLD is associated with SATURN, the ruling planet of CAPRICORN. The phrase describing CAPRICORN  is “I use”. I used to think that was an unfair description for CAPRICORN, but it does make good sense. As an earth sign ‘using’ material resources efficiently and for a purpose is a respectable approach to have in life. We all need some amount of structure in our lives to feel safe, sound and secure. Achieving those aims is less likely if  we are wasteful, inefficient with our time, energy or resources.

Current ASTROLOGY 2018 for the WORLD

Resonating with SATURN, the traditional ruler CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS the WORLD reminds of our responsibilities, to complete want we started. The official and unofficial rules we live by will be tested with SATURN in CAPRICORN from Dec.20th, 2018 until March 21st, 2020.

Before SATURN completes its tour of Capricorn it will butt heads with powerhouse PLUTO (JUDGEMENT). In short, how we spend our time, the structures and patterns we live our lives by will put up against what we know to be the cold hard truth.  Building on and around those truths is likely the only thing that will keep our ‘house’ personally, socially, politically, economically safe and sound. It does sound ominous, yet, looking at it from a more positive perspective, we all do have a chance to improve.

For the next few years the inflexibility represented by the depiction of four fixed signs:AQUARIUS (STAR), LEO (STRENGTH), SCORPIO (DEATH) and  TAURUS(HIEROPHANT) in the corners of the image, can be seen as an advantage and/or encourage us to stay the course with resolve to achieve the kind of real stability & personal power we all crave.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of SATURN/CAPRICORN throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the WORLD card via TWITTER.*


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