WHEEL of FORTUNE & 2018 Astrology


GENERAL: Fate.  Destiny.  Turning Point. New Direction. Growth. Cycles. Change.  Good Luck.  Serendipity. Fortune.  Karma. Long Distance.  Higher Knowledge. Expansion.  Prize.  For the Better.  Optimism. Talents.  Music.  Arts.

LOVE: Fated. Fun.  Generous. Exciting.  Chance Meetings.  Serendipity.  Learning Experience.  New Experiences. Spirited.

CAREER: Travelling. Teacher. Career Change/Promotion. Big Scale Ventures.

MONEY: Rewards.  Luck.  Big Gains.  Abundance. Positive. Bigger and Better Purchases. Indulgent. Improvements.


NUMEROLOGY: Number 10:  New Beginning.  Completion.

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Superb reading. Direct, straight to the point advice yet, very good at explaining all variables at play. Thank you.

Adri April 18, 2018

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The only constant in life is change. The WHEEL of FORTUNE drives that point home. It is also a reminder to the seeker/subject that there is always another lesson to be learned. In that way the WHEEL of FORTUNE doesn’t disappoint almost always signifies a gain, some kind of expansion (materially, physically, spiritually, intellectually). It can also refer to long distance travel, education, the law (both official and unofficial). In it’s simplest terms the WHEEL of FORTUNE speaks of embarking on a new experience that changes the seeker/subjects perception.

The WHEEL of FORTUNE is obviously one of the most fortunate cards to receive in reading.

Alongside TEMPERENCE (Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter) enhancing the an ability to see beyond' self-imposed limits, these two make a great pair. Do be mindful that when the WHEEL of FORTUNE resonates with JUPITER there is a risk of attracting   more than one can handle. Perhaps, the seeker subject is pushing it, is too driven and so balance becomes difficult to maintain. Surrounding cards will place the WHEEL of FORTUNE in proper context. Still, as a single advice card or clarifier it is often still a very positive sign.

Current ASTROLOGY 2018 for the WHEEL of FORTUNE

JUPITER has been in SCORPIO (DEATH) since November of 2017. It will remain until December of 2018. While Jupiter enlightens this zone of the zodiac sex, secrets, psychological depths are awakened. The Me too movement is a perfect example of how Jupiter operates in the sign of Scorpio. The influence compels a need for deeper connections both to the self and other. A determined, unwavering search for connection acts as an undercurrent both on a personal and collective level. It can be best described as a purge, a shedding of skin or the period of transformation of cocooned caterpillar promised the life of a butterfly.

Once JUPITER lands in SAGITTARIUS (TEMPERANCE) at the end of 2018 where it will stay for the majority of 2019, our perceptions will have changed and a new belief system will naturally fill gaps in our understanding we didn’t even know were missing.

But I digress, During 2018 JUPITER sextiles PLUTO (DEATH & JUDGEMENT cards) and motions into a harmonious trine with faith loving NEPTUNE (The HANGED MAN). Lies and deceptions are easily revealed (perhaps painfully so) that are set to transform old ways into new more evolved levels of compassion. Spiritual revelations frequently cut through any storm the seeker/subject encounters. Ultimately, The WHEEL of FORTUNE moves us all in the right direction as far as our spiritual evolution is concerned from both a very personal place as well as a unit working as one and in alignment with cosmic patterns.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of JUPITER/SAGITTARIUS throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the WHEEL of FORTUNE via TWITTER.*     

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