TOWER & 2018 Astrology

The TOWER, in its simplest terms, can be described as a do or die moment when it appears in a spread.

The TOWER is associated with the planet MARS - known to function as the motivator and impulse driver in astrology. Needless to say, it is a force to be reckoned with, often maintaining a strong influence over surrounding cards.   Whatever is in the process of happening, has happened or is near imminent you can bet the issue is both prominent and known to the seeker. In other words, it is not a surprise that the pressure to make a move hasn’t been brewing for some time.

Things may feel like they are falling apart, but this kick in the pants, fire under the butt, is a necessary experience to get us going. It is impossible to ignore the implications of the TOWER and so there doesn't seem to be a choice now. It is advisable to take action, dust yourself off, and carry on, eventually the sense of peace lost from turbulent circumstances will bring renewed faith in abilities, and hope for the future.

Even if the TOWER appears in the future position or any for that matter, it does not necessarily signify a permanent ending. This is more of a mid-process card where events, motivations will change during an abrupt transition. The dust will settle and the light of the STAR card that follows on the FOOL’S path opens to a slew of other possibilities.

It can be a time/phase in the seekers life  where a little shake up helps recalibrate one’s inner compass. In that way, the TOWER Card can be see as representing an uncomfortable, yet necessary, transition phase. It can get you going/ alter circumstances that move the seeker onto a soul guided path that they may not be completely conscious of at the moment. Blows to the ego are exactly what  alerts the soul the time has come to take the wheel.

Current ASTROLOGY 2018 for the TOWER

The TOWER, as mentioned resonates with the wanderings of MARS (the ruing planet of ARIES/ EMPEROR tarot card). This year MARS retrogrades (slows down, is inhibited) from June 26th until August 27th. During that time it will retrace its steps in AQUARIUS and the last few degrees of CAPRICORN (the DEVIL). It won’t be until September 10th before MARS takes direct action towards future plans or starts to see results of their efforts.

It’s always tough when MARS is not functioning at optimum. Our drive, motivations are dampened, energy levels low. There is a benefit to slowing down. MARS tends to be impulsive encouraging an act now think later attitude that often get us into trouble. The benefit here is, despite feeling as if we are pushing through mud, drained of energy before we’ve made it out of the last phase, we are granted time. Making slower well thought out moves  allows us to get in touch with deeper motivations.   There is a lot to be said for tuning into the reasons why we do things or pondering important questions like what is this all for anyway? Again, we are looking at a necessary process of recalibrating ourselves so we can align with pervading cosmic rhythms.

If STRENGTH (LEO) and the STAR (AQUARIUS) are paired with the TOWER this year major life changes, milestone moments, are unfolding in the seekers life or in regard to the subject matter in question. Both cards are tied to the ebb and flow energies of the ECLIPSES in 2018 that often denotes important shifts.

Paired with the FOOL (URANUS) and/or EMPEROR (ARIES) suggests it is time to take control and so responsibility for the one's life direction. The sentiment ‘you only live once’ is bound to echo strongly over the reading. I’ll add to that by saying ‘time to get on with living you in technicolor’.

MARS retrogrades between CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS influencing the following areas/has these qualities for each of the 12 SUN SIGNS below:

ARIES: Career. Friendships. Networking. Respect. Status.
TAURUS: Law. Education. Travel. Career. Respect. Status.
GEMINI: Money. Investments. Debts. Travel. Education. Law. School
CANCER: Relationships. Marriages. Commitments. Contracts. Shared Resources. Debt. Control. Negotiations.
LEO: Work. Health. Routine. Marriages. Commitments. Contracts. Relationships. Coworkers.
VIRGO: Creativity. Expression. Freedom. Children. Fun. Work. Routine. Health. Being of service. Usefulness.
LIBRA: Home. Family. Base Motivations. Foundations. Children. Freedom. Expression.
SCORPIO: Communication. Family. Siblings. Parent/child relationships. Short Trips. Information gathering. Deals.
SAGITTARIUS: Self-worth. Value System. Self Esteem. Earnings. Communication. Short trips. Gathering information.
CAPRICORN: Identity. Value. Worth. Earnings. Innovations. Community. Team efforts. Groups. Organizations.
AQUARIUS: Unconscious urges. Unknowns. Privacy. Self Development. Identity. Respect.
PISCES: Groups. Networking. Organizations. Dreams. Wishes. Privacy. Unknowns. Boundaries. Role in the workplace/social sphere. Internet.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of MARS/ARIES throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the TOWER card via TWITTER.*


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