The FOOL & 2018 Astrology


GENERAL Innocence. Freedom. New start. Optimistic. Unique. Progressive. Letting go. Taking a chance. Unattached. Distant. 
LOVE: Independence. Uncommitted.Open relationships.  Friends & Lovers. 
CAREER: Travel. Technology. Innovation. Pioneer. Fresh Future. Creative Freedom. Freelancer. Change. Road less travelled. Internet. Communications. Humanitarian causes. Publishing. Socially oriented. 
MONEY: Foreign. Wire Transfers.  Easy come easy go. Unexpected funds. Unexpected debts/bills.  
ASTROLOGY:  AQUARIUS,  Planet(s): Uranus & Saturn
NUMEROLOGY: 0 or 22 (the Master Builder)...

More ABOUT the FOOL..

Skipping along to the erratic beat of URANUS, the FOOL is inspired by other-worldly rhythms.

It doesn't look like the FOOL is paying attention. Rest assured he his.. just not to anything in this world. The FOOL is attuned to a higher frequency-unconcerned with lower level energies. The FOOL is free from the constraints of what should bewhat is and isn't acceptable. There is no time for that. The FOOL is concerned with the future he sees now.  He is enthralled, charmedmesmerised, by the skies above and beyond.  His feet follow in sync with the sweet notes played by the pied piper of existence - off in the distance, somewhere out there.

The FOOL knows the importance of dancing to the beat of his own drum.  That drum beat is patterned by the universe itself.  The FOOL echoes the cosmic message through quickinspired words & action, intuition, innovation, flashes of genius. He can appear fiercely rebellious,maybe even a little eccentric.

When the FOOL tarot card appears, the cosmic message is to be present, in the now, and open ourselves to worlds we know nothing of, except in spirit.  The FOOL is a reminder that our own flow is uniquedistinctly independentyet inextricably tied to the same single source all humanity shares.  People are naturally attracted to the FOOL's energy. It courses through him, like an electric current. People may not always be happy with the FOOL's antics, but they can't help but notice him all the same.

When well-attuned, the FOOL grooves in perfect time with the cosmic song.  So, yes, the FOOL is paying attention, and dancing like nobody's watching. He knows, that is the only way to jive. If he slips and falls in the process, makes a FOOL out of himself/herself? Well, the FOOL knows it's all part of a bigger plan that he knows nothing about ... yet. He's taking his first steps on the journey to find out now...

To answer the obvious question that comes to mind with this tarot card:  Does FOOL really know where he is going, what he's doing?  The answer is YES- wherever he is being 'called'.

Current ASTROLOGY for the FOOL 2018/2019... 

  • Resonating with URANUS, the FOOL has been gallivanting through the realm of ARIES since 2010.
  • This year, on May 15th to November 6th, the FOOL will visit TAURUS for a brief stay.
  • He will return to ARIES from November 6th to March 18th, 2019.
  • On March 6th, 2019 the FOOL will re-enter TAURUS remaining for a SEVEN-YEAR tour.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of URANUS throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the FOOL via  

 The FOOL will carry a message related to aspects of our material world in desperate need of innovation.  We may slip and fall a few times while the FOOL visits TAURUS before we get it right. But, that will be on account of universal rhythms shifting, letting us know it's time to listen, re-attune ourselves to the greater cosmic plan. The further out of alignment we are and the more we resist, the more difficult the transition.

The KEYWORDSfor the FOOL in 2018 – From MAY 15thto NOVEMBER 6th


The KEYWORDS for the FOOL in 2018/2019 – From NOVEMBER 6thto MARCH 6th2019:


  • Pay close attention to the meaning of the EMPRESS and the HIEROPHANT whenURANUS (the FOOL) is in TAURUS. Both cards resonate with TAURUS and its ruling planet VENUS.  Wherever Venus travels this year and next she will carry the FOOL's message.

During the FOOL's time in ARIES(dates outlined above), he represents a stronger than normal independent streak that leans more on the side of selfishness. Impulsive and aggressive actions could have, still can, lead to out-of-the-blue arguments and accidents. On a brighter note the FOOL may present as an especially courageous trail blazer between Nov.6thand Mar.6th2019.

  • Pay close attention to the meaning of the TOWEREMPEROR DEATH, tarot cards when URANUS is in ARIES. These cards are related to ARIES and its ruling planet MARS. Wherever Mars travels it will carry the FOOL's message.

for astrological savvy out there: I ended my weekly horoscopes website which I ran for over 7 years (the time it took for Uranus to go through Aries).  Then, I impulsively started this one when Uranus was conjunct the Sun, 3rd house Aries, within a few degrees of my IC.  Did I mention my natal M/C is conjunct Uranus?  If that's not the FOOL in action I don't know what is...*


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