TEMPERANCE & 2018 Astrology


GENERAL: Balance, Healing, Attunement, Awareness, Union, Social conscience, friendship, higher laws, understanding, excess, distance

LOVE: Together, Making it work, complimentary, other half

CAREER: Healer, Mediator, Law, Partnerships, Social Justice, 

MONEY: Faith in abundance, trust, luck, conscience

ASTROLOGY: Sagittarius.  Planet(s): Jupiter 

NUMEROLOGY: 14/5 -knowledge, excitement, spirituality, changes


TEMPERANCE is in tune. Associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, art, music, philosophy, religion TEMPERANCE has a open mind and tolerance for all. That is, when duly supported by other cards.

TEMPERANCE can sometimes suggest a need for balance. Taking a few steps back, to gain perspective, adopting a bigger picture mindset is usually all that is required. Like the advice of the DEATH card, that precedes TEMPERANCE on the FOOL’s journey, to ‘let go’, adapting a wide-angle perspective is easier said than done. It may be helpful for the seeker/subject to view the situation as if they were part of theatrical play where context is everything. Interestingly SAGITTARIUS is often linked to the dramatic arts.

The image of the angel on the TEMPERANCE card is clearly in touch with all the elements earth, water, air and the fire of the sun behind her emitting an air of calm, serenity. Again, especially when supported by other cards, TEMPERANCE is in tune and in touch with the creative flow both internally and externally.

TEMPERANCE, on its own, is a friendly card. If representing a person in your reading they are approachable, wise and focused but not in an intimidating sort of way. TEMPERANCE is more concerned with underlying principles, the laws of nature and how to work with them to garnish the best experience one can from life. In order to do that a certain balance must be struck, and intuitive senses must be in sync with universal currents. This is one card that represents all the wonder, magic that can be had when in alignment with larger forces. These larger forces may forever remain unknown yet are respected all the same.


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