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The first words that come to mind when the SUN card appears are FUN, FREEDOM, and PLAY. A lighthearted feeling takes over the reading whenever the SUN appears. However, it’s much more than that. The SUN is about WILL, CONFIDENCE and a distinct connection with the source, our heart, our raison d’etre.

Associated with the zodiacal realm of LEO (STRENGTH) the SUN also speaks of pride, showmanship, generosity, and creative expression. All an all an extremely positive card to receive in reading no matter the surrounding cards, with one caveat – arrogance may be an unwelcome quality. Still, chances are this is a good omen and the seeker subject has reason to feel good.

Other key meanings are travel to sunny places, a strong sense of self, innocence, childlike joy and the idea that it is time to loosen up.

Much like the MOON, the SUN moves quite quickly around the zodiac and I would not interpret it to represent any one SUN Sign. Rather, the path of the SUN describes annual flow of planetary patterns read as one force that is in play between Birthday to Birthday. As an advice card the message 'seize the day' makes the most sense.

Current ASTROLOGY 2018 for the SUN

*I don’t cover all the aspects of the SUN throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the SUN card via TWITTER.*

Below is a list of the dates the SUN enters a sign and the area of life/qualities it will shine a light on for each of the 12 SUN SIGNS.

ARIES - “I am” March 21-April 19

Identity. Independence. Adventure. Impulse. Initiation. New Beginnings. Energy.

TAURUS – “I have” April 20-May 20

Values. Self-Esteem. Material resources. Wants. Security. Earnings.

GEMINI – “ I think”May 21-June 20

Communication. Friendship. Multi-tasking. Siblings. Short Trips. Activity.

CANCER- “I feel”June 21-July 22

Home. Family. Security. Protective. Defensive. Psychic. Nurturance. Mothers/Mothering

LEO- “I will”July 23-August 22

Fun. Creativity. Expression. Generosity. Individuality. Optimism. Positivity. Art. Attention Seeking.

VIRGO – “I analyse” August 23-September 22

Analytical. Observant. Details. Systems. Health. Service. Intellect. Practicalities. Cool.

LIBRA “I balance”September 23-October 22

Balance. Harmony. Relationships. Decisions. Fairness. Arguments. The pros and cons. Deliberation. Beauty. Symmetry. Negotiation.

SCORPIO “I want” October 23-November 21

Transformation. Psychology. Depth. Secrets. Intimacy. Sex. Trust. Finances. Debts. Death.

SAGITTARIUS “I aim”November 22-December 21

Philosophy. Understanding. Teaching. Learning. High Arts. Music. Religion. Law. Adventure. Thrill. Social conscience.

CAPRICORN “I use” December 22-January 19

Business. Long Terms Plan. Security. Control. Authority. Order/Structure. Tradition. Cautious. Practical.

AQUARIUS – “ I know” January 20 to February 18

Future. Innovation. Community. Healthy detachment. Intellect. Communication. Respect. Progress.

PISCES.– “I believe” February 19 to March 20

Art. Music. Love. Dreams. Fantasy. Imagination. Morality. Compassion. Enchantment. Disenchantment.

The SUN is the single most important aspect in a personal astrology chart.  However, so many factors - other planets, angles, configurations influence how we express our will, our heart. Knowing the details of your PERSONAL ASTROLOGY CHART is an extremely useful as a tool for self development.  

NOT everyone with the same SUN SIGN are alike.  Here's why.. Read MORE


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