MOON & 2018 Astrology

This is the trickiest card in the deck. The meaning of the MOON card can be elusive, touching on emotional patterns laid in the past, overly subjective understandings, dream world impressions and moods that grasp to fleeting sense of reality. The latter is probably better described as the line where objective outer experience and inner experience is blurred, crossed and confused.

In a reading about love and or relationships of any kind, its emotional. A sense of distrust and deception (most notably self-deception) clouds the reasoning ability of the seeker or alters the perception of the subject/situation by ‘taking it personally’ to the extreme. Balance and objectivity are sorely needed. A tried and true friend, family member who can reach in and pull one out of the foggy dream world would be an ideal first line of advice. The next would be keeping it simple and to your self until it passes and some sense of objectivity returns.

As the MOON resonates with, obviously, the MOON it is traditionally associated with the water sign PISCES (Neptune/HANGED MAN). Many artists, musicians, poets, writers, charity workers, ‘helpers’ have a strong PISCES influence in their chart. And if the MOON shows up in a reading those qualities are strongly implicated as part of ‘the story’. In other words, the MOON isn’t such a bad card. Imagination born from an active inner/subjective world can produce, see and sense beautiful things others would miss. Keep in mind, the context created by the surrounding cards is extremely important to discern before a precise interpretation can be had.

Current ASTROLOGY 2018 for PISCES

As mentioned both the zodiacal realm of PISCES and the ebb and flow of the MOON operate within the life of the MOON card.

Please refer to the Astrology of the HANGED MAN (Neptune) and the HIGH PRIESTESS (the MOON) for 2018 to glean a handle on the highly changeable meaning of the MOON in your reading.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of MOON/PISCES throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the MOON card via TWITTER.*


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