The MAGICIAN & 2018 Astrology


GENERAL:  Thinker. Mercurial.  Intelligence.  Logical.  Rationalization.  Manipulative. Resourceful.  Skills.  Talents.  Communication.  Messages. News. Methods. Practices. Manifestation.  Creative.  Possibilities.  Potentials. 

LOVE: Love Letters.  Messages. Discussions.  Making it happen.  Stimulating conversations. Working it out.  Figuring it out. Subjective reality.  Mind over Heart.  

CAREER: Accountant.  Stock Broker. Public Relations.  Communications.  Internet. Marketing.  Media.  Salesperson.  Using skills/talents well. The one who makes it happen.  Negotiator. Liaison. 

MONEY:  Making the most of what you have.  Improvisation.  Ideas/schemes.  Planning.  Managing. Commissions.  Figuring it out.  Ability to Manifest everything you need.  Having all the right tools. 


NUMEROLOGY: NUMBER 1- The Pioneer.  Original.  Leadership. 

More about the MAGICIAN...

Mercurial by nature, THE MAGICIAN is a thinker, a cognitive acrobat.  He is quick-witted and bright.

The MAGICIAN shifts with ease between a practical & methodical mindset and lightening fast assessments. Resourceful and clever, the MAGICIAN is able to achieve his aims 'on the fly' when need be.

The MAGICIAN's active mind channels the higher frequencies that enlighten the FOOL.  The Magician is tasked with translating these frequencies through all forms of communication and information processing.  He's not always on the mark and can sometimes be trapped by the limits of the mind. When the Magician card appears it's tricky to tell what his motivations are.

As the MAGICIAN represents the first steps of the FOOL's journey, there is a definite aim to make things happen by way of thinking and speaking, reading, writing etc. This card shows up when the seeker and/or subject of the reading is trying to persuade or manipulate in order to get 'the answer' they are looking for.  It can also be an indication that the seeker and/or subject is rationalising excessively.  Both are the kind of thing that keeps people up at night.

When the MAGICIAN is on point, and presented as a significator, the eyes of the seeker often sparkle.  According to Greek mythology a sparkle in the eye is sign the 'Gods' have taken over the mortal and are now speaking through them.

The MAGICIAN is just at the beginning.  Aligned with cosmic rhythms, he is in the process of making all the right 'connections', finding exactly what he needs as he skips along with a wink and sparkle in his eye.


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