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KEYWORDS for the LOVERS in...

GENERAL: Decisions.  Engagement. Union of opposites. Blessed. Relationships. Partnerships. The one. Connections.  Communication. Finding common ground. Attraction.  Trust or lack of trust.  Curiosity.  Hesitation.  Integration.  Balancing male/female aspects of the self.  Finding middle ground. Possibilities. Messages.

LOVE: Soul mate. Passed the 'first stage'.  Making it official.  Cold feet. Serious considerations.  Talking it out. Promises.

CAREER: Business partner.  Coworkers.  Major Decisions. Conferences. Brainstorming. Liaison. Connections through siblings, cousins.

MONEY: Good opportunity.  Law of attraction. Speculation. Financial advice. Looking at the options.  Choosing investments. Gathering information.


NUMEROLOGY:Number 6: Care. Service. Healing.  Helper.  Harmony.  Home.

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Superb reading. Direct, straight to the point advice yet, very good at explaining all variables at play. Thank you.

Adri April 18, 2018

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The LOVERS is a tricky card. It associated with GEMINIs domain, the land of the twins, representing the dual forces of masculine, feminine energy, light and dark, night and day. There is always something to think about or do when the LOVERS card appears.

Whether the seeker’s question is love related or not, they are apt to be in the midst of active inner dialogue, asking themselves: ‘should I shouldn’t I? Why? Why Not?’ There is also an urge and/or necessity to take action. Is it time to throw caution to the wind? Will I miss out? Whatever the case, curiosity abounds and the laws of attraction are in play.  As such important questions arise, decisions need to be made, or atalk’ is deemed necessary.

Preceding the LOVERS card is the HIEROPHANT. The HIEROPHANT is focused on bringing people together in an official manner. And the LOVERS card is experiencing the here and now process of coming together. The connection is made but it is not set in stone... yet.

The seeker is in a bit of a wild mental zone. They are somewhat influenced by the thoughts, and/or behaviors of another (or particulars of a situation) sparking the seekers curiosity. ‘What are ‘they’ thinking?’What’s happening?’ ‘What if…? The LOVERS are game to find out that’s for sure.

A sense of excitement opens the lines of communication – both of the spoken and unspoken variety. It is a bit like the first day of spring when the LOVERS appear. An uptick in energy kicks out the lethargic blah. Depending on other cards the LOVERS could mean there is an intention to move things along or assert one’s independence just to liven it up.

So when The LOVERS enter the scene, we are making moves, engaged with genuine interest in the energy created between people. If, that engagement, makes you stutter and sparkle with life,.. well…hmmmm?

There is an opportunity to engage and the attraction draws you in, for better or worse. The seeker may flip between being hesitant and then give into a compulsive need to act.   It’s a state of mind that makes the heart flutter and turns on a gazillion lights in the mind. This is one card, without doubt, where surrounding cards clarify the meaning of the LOVERS. Knowing the astrological weather around the time this card is pulled is also of importance when one is looking for 'the' answer....


Current ASTROLOGY for the LOVERS 2018

The LOVERS card is most potent in traditional meaning while MERCURY is in GEMINI.

It also resonates with the travels of MERCURY throughout the year – especially if seen with the HERMIT and/or MAGICIAN. I’ve detailed the MERCURY retrograde phases that occur in fire signs during 2018 on the MAGICIAN’s page.

Here, we will take a look at some of the things the seeker may contemplate when the LOVERS shows up, according to the seeker’s Astrological SUN SIGNThese points of consideration are also in play for members of ANY ZODIAC SIGN, when MERCURY travels through their domain.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of GEMINI/MERCURY throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the LOVERS via TWITTER.*  

MERCURY in ARIES MAR.6th – APRIL 15th, 2018
Mercury Retrogrades on MARCH 23rd, 2018 remaining in ARIES
Mercury Direct in ARIES APRIL 15th until MAY 13th 2018

  • ARIES (EMPEROR)- Excitement. Action. Communication. Adventure. Thrill. Impulsive. Decisions are usually based on whether ‘it’ makes them feel alive.
  • *MERCURY’s retrograde period in ARIES is likely to spur impulsive actions, slips of the tongue, misinformation, miscommunication would have caused serious re-consideration of whether or not the seeker wants to move ahead. Check the MAGICIAN’s page for more details.

MERCURY in TAURUS MAY 13th to MAY 29th, 2018

  • TAURUS- Romance. Perseverance. Possession. Steady. Secure. Money. Pampering. Gift-giving. Beauty. Sensuality. Nature. Touch. Resourcefulness. Romance and luxury are the key considerations.
  • It can be tough to let go at this time. However, the FOOL (URANUS) will have moved into TAURUS demanding a shake up in rigid attitudes towards relationships. There may be a tendency to break free from a relationship (intimate or otherwise) this year and until 2026 when URANUS moves on to new territory.
  • If the FOOL, HIEROPHANT & LOVERS appears in reading together this is a clear indication of working with UNCONVENTIONAL

MERCURY in GEMINI MAY 29th to JUNE 12th, 2018

  • GEMINI- Talking. Chatting. Thinking. Doing…. Sparks of life and a little charm goes a long way. Personal freedom and friendship. Easy going. Intelligence. Forget a heavy situations and/or demands that infringe on one another’s individuality. Commitment isn’t the main focus. Fun & Freedom with lively conversation are key considerations.
  • There’s a need to be light on the feet, anticipating something new and different around every corner.
  • Can change their mind. *Although more likely to happen during theretrogrades on these dates in FIRE SIGNS this year.

MERCURY in CANCER JUNE 12th to JUNE 29th, 2018

  • CANCER (CHARIOT) – Security. Home. Cooking. Protection. Tolerance. Nurturance. Buy me a home honey? Better have a good job. Stronger emotional bonds. GEMINI rules CANCER’s 12th house so they aren’t likely to be straight out communicators – have to read between the lines. If not relationship, might be feeling lost, confused, insecure, extra sensitive -MOODY.

MERCURY in LEO JUNE 29th to SEPTEMBER 6th, 2018

Mercury Retrogrades JULY 26th remaining in LEO /   /Mercury Direct on AUGUST 19th

  • LEO (STRENGTH) - Royal treatment. Pride. Tell me how great I am. Shower me with luxury. Pay attention. GEMINI governs LEO’s 11th house of friendships and the social scene. If not relationship related, social elements, thinking about how they fit in, networking under consideration. Be careful here....
  • *MERCURY’s retrograde  phase in LEO (STRENGTH is likely to spur reactions /decisions, slips of the tongue, misinformation and miscommunications that revolve around not getting or giving enough attention to one another in a love relationship related question. Other relationships (friends, family, co-workers etc.) are considered/questioned with a focus on the seeker’s creative will, personal pride and amount of attention they receive....that, later on, might seem kind of silly. Pregnancy, the desire for a child might also be on the seeker's mind.


  •  VIRGO (HERMIT)- Reservation. Reputation. Slow. Analysis. Worry. Quiet. Playing it cool. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure. Excitement is there, maybe more like nervous tension but hidden under the weight of practical considerations. The seeker/subject may be irritated with less than perfect situations and is considering if ‘it’ is worth fixing.
  • If not a relationship question this is career oriented, about public perception, skill set. Any way you look at it, the LOVERS under the influence of Virgo is faced with a moment where they are deciding if they should take calculated risk? Are they ready? Are you ready? Or not? The deliberation can go on in the silent confines of the mind.

    MERCURY in LIBRA SEPTEMBER 22nd to OCTOBER 10th, 2018

    • LIBRA – Lots and lots of talk. Arguments. Excessive deliberation. Always looking for love. Love’s to love, but geared toward surface/social, outward beauty, energy in conversation. The conversation can flow well and new affairs, experiences enter the scene when the LOVERS is under the influence of Libra or paired with the JUSTICE.
    • If the question is not about relationships this is about whether or not LIBRA should step out of their comfort zone – start a course of study, write a book, travel…etc. Again, check the surrounding cards to pull out the story.

    MERCURY in SCORPIO OCTOBER 10th to OCTOBER 31st, 2018

                Enters SAGITTARIUS on OCT. 31st BUT….Returns to SCORPIO on DECEMBER 1st , DIRECT Dec. 6th and in Scorpio until DECEMBER 12th, 2018.

    • SCORPIO (DEATH)- Intense. Playful jabs. Scrutiny. Possesive. Obsessive. Penetrating. Investigation of the deep. Sex. Desire. Permanent Bonds. Definite yes or no required.
    • Since Mercury visits Scorpio twice in 2018 heart strings can be pulled. The questions that arise around the LOVERS are not lighthearted but rather deep and emotional. This will feel like a make it or break it moment in regards to any relationship or situation.

    MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS OCTOBER 31stto NOVEMBER 17th, 2018 and...

    DECEMBER 12th to JANUARY 5th 2019.

     Mercury Retrograde NOVEMBER 17thRE-ENTERS SCORPIO on DECEMBER 1st, 2018 until DECEMBER 6th, 2018


  • SAGITTARIUS (TEMPERANCE): Outdoor Activity. Nature. Fun. Excitement. Curiousity. Friendship. Daring. Thrills. Life to the max. The big picture. Morals. Laws. All of these are strong considerations when the LOVERS is influenced by SAGITTARIUS. Funny enough this can bring the topic of marriage to the fore….maybe divorces too…especially in 2018.
  • *MERCURY retrograde phase in SAGITTARIUS spurs the contemplation of life’s biggest questions. Challenges with legal issues, freedom, responsibilities send the seeker on a wild ride. With the tendency for Mercury retrogrades to spur: Impulsive actions/decisions, foot-in-mouth moments, misinformation and miscommunications the seeker/subject will be propelled re-frame their philosophy of love and life. Check the MAGICIAN’s page for more details.

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