JUSTICE & 2018 Astrology


GENERAL: Fairness.  Equality.  Balance.  Harmony. Pros & Cons.  Decisions.

LOVE: Harmonious. Equal Partnerships.  Rational.  Agreements.  Official status. Socially Adept.

CAREER: Law. Negotiator.  Mediator. Community worker.  Social Worker.

MONEY: Balancing the books. Living within ones means.



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Refreshing to have such a professional-grade reading. This is the real deal. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to the next one!

Josh May 17, 2018


The appearance of the JUSTICE card signifies balance, fairness and can refer to matters of law.  Associated with the zodiac sign LIBRA, ruled by harmonious VENUS, it is usually a positive card to receive reading.

The seeker/subject may be weighing pros and cons, immersed in endless deliberations, negotiations, or otherwise, pressed to make a decision. Depending on its placement in the reading it can also indicate that the seeker already has their answer and is just now entering a state of acceptance. However the JUDGEMENT card is usually around when the final, official call has been made. In any case, it rarely indicates stress.  JUSTICE seeks harmony and is likely to find it in even the most trying circumstances.

It is worth noting that the WHEEL of FORTUNE precedes JUSTICE on the FOOL’s path. This suggests that events have taken a turn and the seeker/subject is now becoming settled.

Current ASTROLOGY 2018 for JUSTICE

The travels of VENUS will be a significant factor in discerning the meaning of the JUSTICE card in 2018.(Please refer to the EMPRESS for more detail on the VENUS retrograde period in LIBRA (JUSTICE) and SCORPIO (DEATH) this year.  VENUS (the EMPRESS) is also under the influence of the FOOL and HIEROPHANT in 2018, between May 15th and November 6th.

When JUSTICE appears in the spread there are usually decisions to be made in these areas (listed below), or the seekers question has these qualities.  If the seeker is born under the Sun Sign...:

ARIES: Contracts. Commitments. Responsibilities. Marriage. Support. Shadow Side work. Partnerships.
TAURUS: Work. Routine. Health. Service. Fairness in the workplace.
GEMINI: Children. Creativity. Expression. Freedom. Keeping the fire going in love life.
CANCER:   Home. Security. Family. Motivation. Career establishment.
LEO: Negotiations. Communication. Mediation. Siblings. Friends. Neighbors. Paperwork. Transportation.
VIRGO: Money. Self-worth. Value system. Live/work balance. Earnings.
LIBRA: Appearance. Identity. Individuality. Thinking for yourself. Balancing give and take.
SCORPIO:  Dreams. Institutions. Health. Awareness. Psychic work. Unconscious. Secrets. Balancing inner and external forces – actions and reactions. Search for peace.
SAGITTARIUS: Friends. Networking. Organizations. Connections. Team- work. Reunions. Friends & Lovers.
CAPRICORN: Career. Reputation. Status. Authority. Long-term goals.
AQUARIUS: Education. Law. Foreign Affairs. Making informed decisions. A new experience. Teaching/training.
PISCES: Money. Shared Resources. Inheritances. Loans. Gains and Losses. Intim`ate connections. Give and take balance.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of LIBRA/VENUS throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on JUSTICE via TWITTER.*  


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