JUDGEMENT & 2018 Astrology

JUDGEMENT is a fabulous card to receive in reading by my standards. It tends to arrive in a reading when it is time to cut through all the noise and make a call, heed a call or otherwise ‘wake up’. JUDGEMENT indicates that we are ready and are finally willing to take on responsibility for a truth we can no longer avoid or deny. As such it heralds a new beginning that puts our fears in place and under control.

While JUDGEMENT is associated with PLUTO – considered an influence that is rather serious, cold, and evokes pain, it’s a must in life for personal evolution and much needed transformations to take place. In that way JUDGEMENT can be seen when we are ready to purge, shed old skin and transform from caterpillar to butterfly. 

PLUTO is the modern ruler of SCORPIO (the DEATH card)and also represents mysterious, depth psychology, secrets and stops at nothing until it finds the ultimate truth no matter how hard it is to bear.


PLUTO packs a mighty strong punch considering its size compared to the other planets and its distance to us here on earth. Considered an outer planet, it usually has more to do with generations and the vibes across the collective. It is definitely noticeable on a personal level, but only when it is interacting with one or more of the faster moving planets.

PLUTO has been in CAPRICORN the sign of the big boss since 2008. The economic crisis is an example of how strong an influence PLUTO can be in terms of transformation and death/rebirth cycles.

The most important news surrounding PLUTO from now until 2020 is its meet up with SATURN (The WORLD). Most, if not all, astrologers have already started to consider the possibilities ranging from a death/rebirth of ‘the system” the establishment, corporations etc. We are indeed up for major changes. I’m sure no one can argue with that at this point, and so the JUDGEMENT card even more strongly presents as ‘a wake up call” between now and 2020.

In short, the astrology resonating with the JUDGEMENT card speaks of aligning with hard truths. There is a need to face the music, accept and work with turbulent forces   in order to encourage the smoothest process of transformation possible. This is no time to look away – the universal rhythms are gearing up towards turning the volume up on this one.

I don't cover all aspects of PLUTO/JUDGEMENT throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the JUDGEMENT card via TWITTER.*


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