The HIGH PRIESTESS & 2018 Astrology



GENERAL: Spirituality. Intuition.  Psychic. Empath. Private. Moods. Knowing. Knowledge. Secrets. Solitude. Quiet. Cycles. Phases. Timing. Seeds of creation. Wisdom. Council. Feminine Mystique. Reserved.

LOVE: Single. Widow. Committed to self awareness. Seductive. Spiritual Relationships/ Connections. Aware of others motivations. Keeping secrets.  Emotional Intelligence. Sensitivity. Memories. Soul Food. Follows own intuitive wisdom. More than meets the eye.

CAREER: Psychogist. Therapist.  Spiritual counsellor.  Trusted Confident. Keeper of Secrets. Advisor. Keeper/Guardian of sensitive information.

MONEY: Efficiency.  Sufficient. Book keeping. Thrifty. Creative - making the most of what you have. Orderly Money Management. Savings.  "Money under the mattress".

ASTROLOGY: CANCER. Planet(s)/Luminaries:  The MOON.  Elements:  WATER (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) 

NUMEROLOGY: Number 2 - Spiritual Relationships/Connections.  Sensitive.  Empathic.


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The HIGH PRIESTESS ebbs and flows with the MOON. The lunar waves speak to her, in private.  She is psychic and often holds the secrets of many an emotional soul.  The PRIESTESS can't help it - she is the EMPATH.  And so, she must remain on guard.  Boundaries are important.  Frequent periods of solitude are necessary to recharge.

When the PRIESTESS appears in your reading the seeker/subject is often highly intuitive - a mysterious individual.  There is a calm, a silence that is being maintained in order to access a truth.  It lies somewhere between the extremes of dark and light. The truth, the answer, cannot be spoken but is expressed in the seeker/subject's dreams. It is understood on a deeper level where mere words are not enough to describe the message.  The PRIESTESS 'knows', like the FOOL, except she is demure and does not flail about. Her 'knowing' rests beneath the surface, in her unconscious mind.

The HIGH PRIESTESS represents the moment in the FOOL's journey where timing is important.  Drawing on personal intuition and heeding your own counsel is required.  Tap into what she knows, in a quiet space and let her guide you.  Remember she is sensitive and cannot be heard in the land of extremes but rather during peaceful moments of meditation and in the dream world. In her silence she creates, in time with LUNA, lighting the way on the FOOL's path.


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