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GENERAL: Tradition.  Institutions. Organizations.  Marriage. Counsellor. Advice. Conformity. Spiritual. Material World.  Values. Union.  Rules. Translation.  Status Quo. Sacred. Teaching. Teacher. Preacher.  Religion. Dogma. Role Model. Speaker.  Practice. Learning.

LOVE: Commitment. Long lasting. Official Union.  Marriage-Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage), Ceremony. Inflexible. Knows what they want and what they believe.  Reliable.

CAREER: Schools.  Guidance Counsellor.  Principal. Spiritual Advisor. Priest.

MONEY: Practical.  Steady. Long term investments.  Sacrifices for future gains. Working the system.

ASTROLOGY: TAURUS.  Planet(s): VENUS.  Element: EARTH. 

NUMEROLOGY: Number 5: Knowledge.  Experience. Expressive.  Social.

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Superb reading. Direct, straight to the point advice yet, very good at explaining all variables at play. Thank you.

Adri April 18, 2018

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The HIEROPHANT labors to align himself with cosmic rhythms as they manifest on an earthly realm. He is the  strong and steady type, in control of his emotions - most of the time. His desire to be in harmony with mother nature, the skies above, and universe as a whole. This desire equips the HIEROPHANT to operate as a creative force whose natural talents rely heavily on his receptive qualities.

It is no wonder then, that the HIEROPHANT is associated with marriage and spiritual institutions. Plainly he represents what is known as HIEROS GAMOS or sacred marriage.  He works to create harmony between opposing forces, paradoxes and contradictions.

In another way the HIEROPHANT joins and enforces spiritual laws with the laws of natural material world.  He has immense patience and understanding - a natural counsellor.

Associated with the zodiac sign TAURUS the HIEROPHANT has an affinity to VENUS (TAURUS' ruling planet). Venus of course, represents the 'love force' that brings people together, comfort, harmony, wants and desires.  However, as a practical earth sign discipline and hard work are involved when the HIEROPHANT appears in a reading.

Like the FOOL, the HIEROPHANT is a spiritual law abiding being.  Unlike the FOOL, the HIEROPHANT is intent on bringing people together to reinforce our connections.  He often does this in a formal manner, in effort to ground cosmic forces, making sense of them in an earthly way.

In short, the HIEROPHANT feels he has a duty to recognise and share the values of material world as they represent the manifestation of a much greater force.

Current ASTROLOGY for the HIEROPHANT 2018 

The FOOL (URANUS) will work with the HIEROPHANT (TAURUS) between MAY 15th and NOVEMBER 6th in 2018.  During this time they will learn from one another - each acting as a guide.

    • The HIEROPHANT will surprise the FOOL with his wisdom.  At times the HIEROPHANT can convince the FOOL that 'sticking to the plan,' despite the often intolerable ups and downs and bouts of anxiety is no reason to quit...
    • On the other hand, the FOOL, can awaken the inspirational channels of the HIEROPHANT inciting him to let go, be open to different perspectives and to take risks to further his knowledge.
  • This is can be a challenging time where traditions, old ways of doing things, must be re-visited and modernised. The HIEROPHANT is faced with a need to make progress. Where he is stuck, or feels most afraid to move is when the FOOL will arrive.  He'll grab him by the shoulders, give him a shake and attempt to release him from the hold of rigid dogma.

The shift in cosmic rhythms over this SIX MONTH period are just a taste of the new energy & enlightened 'laws' coming into awareness.

  • Between NOVEMBER 6th, 2018 and MARCH 6th 2019 the FOOL will drift away from the HIEROPHANT.  During this brief period, the HIEROPHANT will gather his forces, pick up the cards that have been scattered around him and re-order himself.  This time though, he will have a different approach.  The experiences, trials, tribulations and epiphanies the HIEROPHANT had with the FOOL will not have left him.  And so he will gather himself with a new awareness, not only expecting the unexpected but filled with excitement of not knowing what will come next.  It will be in this state of mind that a influx of information will come to the HIEROPHANT - a new set of understandings about the natural world.

As VENUS is the ruling planet of TAURUS (the HIEROPHANT) she will do his biding throughout the year as he spends time working with the FOOL.  Venus takes her cues from the EMPRESS as well. Her wanderings can provide extra information about how the effects of URANUS in TAURUS will influence our lives. (I started this site in late April 2018 so the dates of Venus' travels begin in May)

*I don’t cover all the aspects of TAURUS/URANUS/VENUS throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the HIEROPHANT via TWITTER.*  


    • APRIL 24th to MAY 19th - VENUS (EMPRESS) in GEMINI (The LOVERS) - During this time the EMPRESS is a flirt.  The HIEROPHANT's advice to her is to keep herself busy, try new things, lighten up about relationships and work towards being a 'friend' with her partner.  The HIEROPHANT doesn't want to see love connections severed, although, there is a question of whether or not the seeker is with 'the one'.

    • MAY 19th to JUNE 14th - VENUS (EMPRESS) in CANCER (the CHARIOT)...
      The EMPRESS will worry about the HIEROPHANT.  After all he is family.  The value of home, female figures, mothers, caregivers are all on the HIEROPHANT's mind and in his heart.  He will let the EMPRESS know that no matter what, FAMILY comes FIRST.
    • JUNE 14th to JULY 10th - VENUS (EMPRESS) in LEO (STRENGTH)...
      The HIEROPHANT will remind the EMPRESS of her value, the importance of her presence as a creative earthly being.  When she appears in the cards she carries the wise words of the HIEROPHANT close to heart and works to show her best side.
    • JULY 10th to AUGUST 7th - VENUS (EMPRESS) in VIRGO (HERMIT)... 
      The HIEROPHANT advises the EMPRESS to cool her heels and step out of the limelight.  It is time for inner work to refresh her connection to the creative 'source'.  Practical moves and patience will be required for the EMPRESS to operate at her best now.  The HIEROPHANT, still busy with the FOOL, is direct in his counsel to the EMPRESS at this time as there is no time to mince words.  * He probably wouldn't offer any advice at all had she not asked. The HIEROPHANT is sure that she will gain more from seeking counsel from within.
  • Between AUGUST 7th until the END of 2018...VENUS (EMPRESS) in LIBRA (JUSTICE) & SCORPIO (DEATH) RX...
    the EMPRESS will spend her time 'figuring it out' as the HIEROPHANT retreats with the FOOL to further their talks and contemplate all they have learned from each other.  It's just as well, the EMPRESS will be entering a slightly turbulent time struggling with decisions that move her through a process of self-transformation.  The HIEROPHANT will be with her in spirit, but may not be much help in offering concrete advice.

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