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KEYWORDS for the HERMIT in...

GENERAL: Introspection. Wisdom. Advice.  Counsellor. Sage. Reflection.  Withdrawing. Contemplative. Spiritual.  Anti-social.  Isolation. Taking a break.

LOVE: Loner.  Mature.  Older partner.  Shy.  Needs more space.  Not one for small talk. Quality time.

CAREER: Spiritual Advisor.  Addictions Counsellor.  Guide. Librarian. Accountant.  Writer.

MONEY: Thrifty.  Saver.  Value shopper.  What you need.  Budgeting.


NUMEROLOGY: Number 9: Universal.  Intellectual.  Completion. Compassion. Philosophy.

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Superb reading. Direct, straight to the point advice yet, very good at explaining all variables at play. Thank you.

Adri April 18, 2018

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The HERMIT is akin to the zodiac sign of Virgo. Wise, practical and introspective the HERMIT is often referred to as an unofficial counselor/teacher at your service. As s/he spends most of his/her time alone the HERMIT is not likely to offer unsolicited advice. Ask however and the HERMIT will tell.

Put another way the light and wisdom of the HERMIT comes from an inside source. It is used to make practical moves through the material plane and so here it is a case where intuition is followed, practiced in every day life.

The HERMIT has something in common with the Hierophant how we operate and navigate cumbersome aspects of life here on earth. Both are considered spiritual cards. Also, in agreement with the HIEROPHANT a slow steady approach is warranted. Well aware that every step taken counts it is no wonder the HERMIT is engaged in long bouts of self-reflection.

At times the HERMIT may represent a soul who feels lost especially when HANGED MAN near by. This is the HERMIT’s shadow side. The seeker/subject can become so discouraged they slow down to an even slower pace perhaps entering altered states of consciousness. Drugs and/or alcohol may be an issue. Then again the HERMIT is primarily known as a spiritual card. Leaving the scene, so to speak, to ponder his/her own private world in search of inner guidance is more strongly indicated, but, as always, it will depend on surrounding cards.


The zodiac realm of VIRGO influences the meaning of the HERMIT tarot card. Mercury is the ruling planet of VIRGO. It is also worth noting Regulus, a fixed star, now resides in Virgo after over 2160 years. There is a strong feminine/receptive/ intuitive energy that has made itself known in the sign of the Virgin & Mother Earth.

Regulus is clearly a long-term influence that will unfold over the next two thousand + years where the focus on the qualities of Virgo and Mercury will light the way under the HERMIT.

Below is a list of the 12 Sun Signs and the key words/areas of life that come up for the seeker subject when the HERMIT appears in a reading:

*I don’t cover all the aspects of VIRGO/MERCURY throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the HERMIT via TWITTER.*  

(please refer to MAGICIAN & LOVERS for Mercury’s travels in 2018).

ARIES: Health, routine, being of service to others.
TAURUS: Practicalities of love, expression, the ‘work’ & ultimate guiding force behind creative endeavors.
GEMINI: Home, family, environment, career base. words unspoken.
CANCER: Communication, problem solving, wisdom, practical analysis, service to friends, family, neighbors, siblings.
LEO: Money, sense of self worth, humble receiving, overspending, finding another way.
VIRGO: Coming back to center, periods of solitude especially in late July and early August, reflective, trusting one self/intuition.
LIBRA: Finding answers in dream world, a rest, focus on logistics, preparation, and introspective analysis.
SCORPIO: Tried and true friends, meeting new people or old ones on a different level, innocence, advice.
SAGITTARIUS: Career, reputation, establishing order, on the way to reach an important goal.
CAPRICORN: Long distance travels, step by step. cautiousness, following the gut at every turn, time –opening up to self in solitude reveals details of a practical plan that gives rise to new dimension of possibilities and experiences.
AQUARIUS: Practical details, dealing with debts and psychological issues. Finding balance between self and other, give and take, honest connections/bonding.
PISCES: Self-reflection. laws of attraction – getting back what you’re putting out (consciously or unconsciously), responsibilities, commitments, contracts, working in support of and with compassion towards others.

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