HANGED MAN & 2018 Astrology

KEY WORDS for the HANGED MAN in...

GENERAL: Suspense.  Illusion.  Disorientation.  Dreamworld.  Escapism.  Boundaries. Blurred lines between fact and fiction.Martyrdom. Sacrifice. Creative visualisation.

LOVE: Lost in love.  Found in love. Confused. Blissed out. Spiritual connections. Psychic ties.

CAREER: Creative fields.  Writing. Art. Music. Spiritual work.  Addictions counsellor. Alternative healing methods.

MONEY: Irrational but can be lucky.  Ability to manifest. Need for self-sufficiency and sacrifice.

ASTROLOGY:  Neptune, Pisces.  ELEMENT: Water

NUMEROLOGY: No.3 Creativity.  Integration.  Interaction.


There is often so much to say and seemingly no good way to articulate the meaning of the HANGED MAN when it appears in a reading.

Resonating with NEPTUNE the HANGED MAN echoes a state of either utter confusion, disorientation, or a state of spiritual bliss has engulfed the seeker/subject. It can be difficult to ‘get through’ to the realm of the HANGED MAN.  It is as if there are no bounds, no center point. Searching for answers somewhere out there that makes sense in an earthly way can hold the seeker/subject in prolonged moments of inertia -essentially left hanging in suspense. It is the sort of experience where one can feel lost, spaced out gazing at the stars, the clouds – time just floats on by.

Which way is up and which is down? It’s all relative to a bigger picture few can truly ‘see’ consistently, if at all. More often a unique blend of subjective and objective perceptions are spun together finding the seeker subject altering between feeling lost and found.   The world hasn’t changed just because the man is hanging upside down – but it sure may feel that way. One thing is for sure the horizon line remains steady no matter which way the seeker/subject perceives their situation.

As a card pulled for advice the HANGED MAN suggests hanging out for a while to take it all in without judgment or giving in to the urge to jump to conclusions. He won’t be in this spot forever so might as well chill.

If the HANGED MAN appears in a relationship spread do be careful. The well-worn adage ‘love is blind’ resounds strongly in the presence of the HANGED MAN. This is one of those times where it can be ‘hard to get through’ to someone who has fallen in love, now possessed by an otherworldly state of bliss.

Lastly, NEPTUNE & the HANGED MAN speak of art, music, imagination, spirituality, altered states of consciousness (perhaps brought on by toxic substances) and also illusion, wishful thinking, and dismay when the world finally turns to meet the HANGED MAN on the ground right side up.


NEPTUNE has been in the zodiac realm of PISCES since 2011. It will remain in this position until 2026.

As NEPTUNE is the modern ruler of PISCES,  we have been seeing both the strengths and weakness that can arise under this rather enigmatic vibe.   The arts thrive, love prevails though often after considerable heartache and disillusionment when NEPTUNE is in play. Yet, similar to Uranus’ function that disturbs, unsettles the soul to provoke necessary progress Neptune beguiles, mesmorizes encouraging us to set out on a mission for that which never changes. The center point, essence of spirit, boundlessness of being and ultimate realization that we are one is often unconsciously sought after.

In 2018 NEPTUNE works with JUPITER (TEMPERANCE)  in SCORPIO (the DEATH card) to help us integrate aspects of ourself allowing us to flow more easily with universal rhythms. Both planets activate our compassionate side, need for connection and desire for the kind of love that gurus and wise folk preach is the key to our salvation.

NEPTUNE is considered an outer planet. Its influence felt more as a wave that washes over the collective unless it is in aspect to the seeker/subjects personal planets. Still, the faster moving planets (inner planets) do make their way around the zodiac comparatively quickly and periodically interacting with and casting a distinctive NEPTUNIAN quality.

The area of life/qualities activated when the HANGED MAN appears for each of the 12 SUN SIGNS is as follows:

ARIES: Health.  Unconscious.  Dreams. Psychic Senses.  Sensitivity.  Mental Health.  Escapism.
TAURUS: Friends in Need.  Support Groups.  Charities.
GEMINI: Dream Careers.  Arts.  Reputation.
CANCER: Spirituality.  Philosophy.  Religion.  Higher Learning.  New Experiences.  Teaching.  Moral Laws.
LEO: Money.  Shared Resources.  Investments (especially pharmaceuticals/medical), Intimate Relations.  Trust.  Mistrust.  Give and Take imbalance.
VIRGO: Marriage.  Contracts.  Commitments.  Mistrust.  Gullibility.
LIBRA: Health.  Routine.  Service.  Caring professions.
SCORPIO: Children.  Creative Freedom.  Expression.  Wow love affairs. Enchantment.  Disillusionment.
SAGITTARIUS: Home.  Family.  Lack of boundaries.  Misunderstanding.  Confusion.
CAPRICORN: Communication.  Poetry.  Odd Messages.  Siblings.  Neighbours.
AQUARIUS: Self-worth.  Value system.  Earnings.
PISCES: Appearance.  Identity and Identity Crisis.  Arts.  Acting. Fog. Haze.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of NEPTUNE throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the HANGED MAN via TWITTER.*  


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