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KEYWORDS for the EMPRESS in...

GENERAL: Beauty.  Luxury.  Fertility.  Mother. Maternity.  Matriarch. Goddess. Embellishments. Nature.  Harmony. Charismatic. Social. Feminine.  Creative. Artistic.   Sensuality.  Wants.  Desires.  Prosperity.  Love/Hate.

LOVE: Ideal partner.  Beautiful/Handsome. Flirting.  Honeymoon Stage. Lust. Libido. Sexual.

CAREER: Arts: Fashion, Beauty Industry. Luxury goods/materials. Interior Decorating.

MONEY: Abundance. The good life.  Luxury. Shopping.  Can afford wants not just needs.

ASTROLOGY: LIBRA & TAURUS.  Planet(s): VENUS (Aphrodite)

NUMEROLOGY: Number 3.  Creativity. Self-expression.  Communication.  Uniting.  Social. Negotiating.  The Trinity.

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Superb reading. Direct, straight to the point advice yet, very good at explaining all variables at play. Thank you.

Adri April 18, 2018

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The EMPRESS is a natural beauty. She flows in harmony with, and emits,  the glow of VENUS. A distinctly feminine energy courses through her making her one of the most desirable cards in the deck. That doesn’t mean the EMPRESS necessarily represents a female. It is the feminine principle she upholds.

The EMPRESS, much like the HIGH PRIESTESS is receptive, creative and often intuitive. However, the EMPRESS is not as easily influenced and so rarely stands on guard or holds her self in an intimidating way. She wants to create with and for others, be comforted by material world riches, achieve harmony, stability by adhering to a definite set of likes and dislikes.

She knows what she wants most of the time. Clarifying with utmost certainty what she desires protects her from getting tangled up in deeper emotional realms. What happens when she gets what she wants, only to discover it isn’t what she wanted at all? The EMPRESS swings between love and hate fervently searching for the middle ground whereas the HIGH PRIESTESS rests calmly.

The EMPRESS is the artist channeling cosmic vibrations. There is symmetry, an abundant life giving force that comes through her work. She is at her best when she is creating and can operate with a greater purpose than even she may be aware. She arrives in a reading when the seeker/subject is pregnant (with creative ideas or literally with child), and/or engaged in the work of motherhood or a creative endeavour. 

Money and relationships are also a matter of concern when the EMPRESS appears. To feel secure, and in alignment with the morphing cosmic patterns, the EMPRESS relies on connections with others so she can work to harmonize forces, bringing them back in sync. In a relationship, she is the balancing feminine force. This is the secret of her seductive nature. In money matters, the results of her ‘work’ and choices manifest positively and in plenty. It’s a sign she has been listening to higher frequencies.

From the free flowing inspiration of the FOOL, the clever words of the MAGICIAN and emotional wisdom of the HIGH PRIESTESS, the EMPRESS has the tools to exhibit the best of what the universe has to offer. She isn’t always right, she can’t always do it, and in relationships she can cause quite a stir. The EMPRESS can elicit jealously, appear as a seductress or mistress. Still, her task is to create harmony even if that means rocking the boat. The EMPRESS navigates the waters between love and hate. Should she steer too far one way or the other, VENUS will remind the EMPRESS to harmonize with other cards that surround her - an important note should the EMPRESS arrive as an ADVICE card. 


The EMPRESS, a.k.a VENUS gets a little stuck every year and a half, spending more time in one area of the zodiac than normal. In 2018 Venus retrogrades in her home sign LIBRA.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of VENUS throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the EMPRESS via TWITTER.*

Between August 7th and September 9th VENUS moves steadily through LIBRA. After she enters the seductive sign of SCORPIO, on the 9th, the EMPRESS will pause. on October 5th, making an about face towards LIBRA.

On November 16th the EMPRESS decides she must continue her tour around the zodiac, pausing and once again, moving towards SCORPIO. It will take some time before she is able to pick up the pace, but she will indeed arrive in Scorpio for a second time on December 2nd.

The EMPRESS will not pull this ‘two steps forward one step back’ maneuver again until 2020.

During this time frame -August 7th to December 2nd -the EMPRESS may have trouble finding her center and making decisions – especially in her love life.

If she is paired with JUSTICE between these dates, she can appear confident and firm in her decision- making. Still, chances are she will back pedal later. It will be tiring work convincing her self she knows, without a doubt, what she wants. She will have put so much effort to stop incessant deliberations that keep her up at night. Yet, no matter how much she believes ‘this way’ is better than ‘that way’, the EMPRESS will inevitably swing between the two between early August and early December.

If the EMPRESS is paired with the HIEROPHANT her fixity on a decision will make her suffer no less. She may preach when this pairing appears. On a positive note the EMPRESS paired with the HIEROPHANT presents an opportunity to upgrade and prioritize her most cherished values. They are not what they once were.

  • AUGUST 10th – the EMPRESS can be a cold, standoffish and inflexible.
  • AUGUST 26th - she can indeed be a force to reckon with if she does not get her way.
  • SEPTEMBER 12th – while Venus gets her feet wet in the realm of Scorpio, she is possessed by desire, refusing to change course, but by…
  • OCTOBER 5th – she will see things differently. If paired with the TOWER or DEATH the EMPRESS, will be aware, in no uncertain terms that the choices she is making are more serious than she once imagined. And so on…
  • OCTOBER 31st – the EMPRESS returns home to LIBRA, to re-calibrate herself. If the FOOL appears to her now, just as she crosses the threshold back into LIBRA, chances are an unexpected event or news will confirm that having resisted moving forward (avoiding getting in too deep too soon) was indeed the right move.
  • NOVEMBER 16th – The EMPRESS will have sufficiently deliberated and firmly decided she has no choice but to move forward. She will do so slowly, carefully re-entering Scorpio on …
  • DECEMBER 2nd. Her determination ‘to stick with it’ lasts until the end of the year. The EMPRESS tour through SCORPIO will be intense. However, her approach will be one of calculated risk as she willingly dives into the depths of her own psychological waters. Whether she is single or with a mate, her connection to the underworld will not be broken. A hidden pocket of creative energy lay hidden below that she cannot ignore. The attraction is simply too strong.

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