The EMPEROR & 2018 Astrology

KEYWORDS for the EMPEROR in...

GENERAL: Masculine.  Androgenous. Power. Control. Authority.  Initiator.  Will. Drive. Challenge. Force. Demand. Endurance. Courage.  Valor. Combative. Determined. Bold. Brave.

LOVE: Truthful (maybe to a fault), Direct, Physical/Sex, Decisive.  Dominating. Uber Male. If female, has distinct masculine qualities.

CAREER: Self-Employed. Leader. Military.

MONEY: Strict. Stable. Investments.

ASTROLOGY: ARIES. Planet(s): MARS. Element: FIRE. 

NUMEROLOGY:Number 4: Work. Structure.  Order.  Stability.

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Superb reading. Direct, straight to the point advice yet, very good at explaining all variables at play. Thank you.

Adri April 18, 2018

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Driven by Mars, the EMPEROR resonates with the zodiac sign ARIES.  He is bold, brazen, direct in his speech. There is little doubt there is fire in his blood. The EMPEROR has every intention to take action. A natural leader, he often governs his realm simply by virtue of his commanding physical presence. The EMPEROR indeed seems in control, prepared to be tested and confident he will reign victoriously.  However, that’s not always the case.

The EMPEROR can, at times, lose his drive, his mojo and sway especially after an impromptu moment of excitement, anger, has dwindled in intensity. Unless the EMPEROR is stimulated and/or challenged sufficiently (and often), he can suffer from bouts of boredom. When in this state, he can be quite a snob.

Physical activity, sexual expression are a must. It is how the EMPEROR recharges and is able to maintain power. The EMPEROR is the other half of the EMPRESS – the masculine force in action. Like the EMPRESS, balance is important for the EMPEROR to keep energy focused and directed towards achieving his initial inspiration. When paired with the WORLD, the EMPEROR can conquer any obstacle in his path AND manage to accumulate followers that will help him get the job done.

The brilliant ideas of the FOOL, intelligence of the MAGICIAN, quiet wisdom of the HIGH PRIESTESS and receptive, creative nature of the EMPRESS are expressed physically in the EMPEROR. He has what it takes to lead and knows it very well. Honest to a fault, he may appear arrogant and stubborn but that same energy, when channeled well, manifests as courage and bravery to be, to do, and to experience the world in full.

Current ASTROLOGY for the EMPEROR 2018

The EMPEROR’s domain is in the realm of ARIES and so resonates with the travels and experiences of MARS as it makes its way through half of the zodiac every year. This year, however, Mars won't quite make it that far as it enters a retrograde phase. It happens every 2 years.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of MARS/ARIES throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the EMPEROR via TWITTER* 

If can recall what was happening, the feeling you had, the slow drudge like energy that was in the air during May 2016  into September and October, that’ll give you a hint about what you can expect mid way through 2018. Keep in mind, it won’t be exactly the same. Mars retrograded in Scorpio last time which was, in a word, intense.

This year MARS will spend more time in AQUARIUS than is usual, as it enters a retrograde phase June 27th 2018. It enters AQUARIUS going full speed ahead on May 16th coinciding with the FOOL’s move into TAURUS.

MARS does re-enter CAPRICORN where the need to really slow down and plan your next move is paramount if you’re hoping to achieve success in anything at all.  Essentially to become master of your domain and have greater control over your life there will be little choice but to cool your heels. Resisting will only leave you feeling defeated. The EMPEROR if wise, advises not to go to battle unless absolutely necessary.

The good news is once MARS decides to re-direct back towards AQUARIUS on August 27th you will have learned the valuable lessons of patience, efficiency and know the importance of timing. In short, you will be ready to rule.

On September 11th Mars officially returns to AQUARIUS -The EMPEROR is truly back on track. If the STAR card shows up at this time you’re in exceptionally good shape, even if there is no tangible evidence as proof…yet. There will be a reward in the near future.

  • Also take note of when the TOWER card appears in 2018 as it also resonates with MARS and the EMPEROR.  Old ways are being torn down, truths are coming to light that will have a great impact on what motivates you to 'fight the good fight'.


Career, Reputation, Long term plans/security, Humanitarian causes, community leadership, Joining forces, Networking, the Internet..etc.   Above all PATIENCE & DETERMINATION will be required in order to groove with the cosmic patterns that insist progress be made (even when uncomfortable) and will support innovative ideas that benefit the collective.

Other IMPORTANT DATES to note:

MARS will interact with the FOOL several times this year. It can throw you for a loop and will be helpful to keep in mind that the universe is shifting you back into position. Unexpected happenings, news etc. is meant to help you progress. The EMPEROR must flow with times if he hopes to have a long and prosperous reign.

  • MARS & the FOOL clash on: May 16th, August 2nd and September 19th
  • On November 16th, 2018 MARS will enter The PISCEAN Dream world where visions and psychic senses are amplified - especially so, if paired with the MOON around this time.

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