DEVIL & 2018 Astrology

The DEVIL appears as an ominous card. Although, it really isn’t to be feared – acknowledge yes but not feared. Keywords for the DEVIL are obsession, control power, business, commitment all in the context of material world affairs. In love and relationship spreads the theme revolves around being chained to an idea, old patterns or die-hard habits. There is a serious sense of determination here than can easily be for better or worse.

As the DEVIL card resonates with the zodiacal realm of CAPRICORN, discipline, commitment and a state of extreme reserve and/or restriction are concepts that can be understood as necessary. In order to accomplish any thing of value or earn respect a strong, steady calculated approach is necessary. The influence of CAPRICORN, ruled by SATURN is very much associated with accomplishment, success, and the building of solid structures in the material world affairs. So, to take this card as negative right off the bat, before considering elemental meanings of the surrounding cards, could throw you off track. I will admit, this card has popped up when abusive relationships are part of the seekers story. Still…

If you’ll notice, the chains that bind the male and female in the image can be easily removed. There is a choice here. While the seeker/subject might not be enthusiastic or outwardly proud about the bonds that bind them they are apt to gain from their hardships. Every experience in life is of value, even if it’s a painful lesson learned. Here, the rear of the male figure is lit on fire. He is motivated to release himself from the restrictions inherent in the process of achieving material wealth and security. The Female bears fruit.

In short, the DEVIL card pertains to the sacrifices we make to free ourselves for the purposes of creating new life, a family, building a ‘home’/secure space, starting a business etc. Indeed the DEVIL card appears when one is doing what needs to be done to gain freedom from societal pressures. Once again in terms of relationships there is freedom in understanding there is a choice and you can free yourself.

Current ASTROLOGY 2018 of the DEVIL card

The DEVIL card brings with it an air of influence generated by both SATURN (the WORLD) and PLUTO (JUDGEMENT) now in CAPRICORN.

SATURN’s recent arrival, in late December 2017, has put pressure on how we’ve structured our lives, what we have accomplished/built and compels us to ponder how we have spent our time. Long term goals, plans and doing what we may not want to do is even further emphasized by the DEVIL’s presence. SATURN (the WORLD) is the ruling planet of CAPRICORN so we are getting a double whammy here.

Of course, CAPRICORN and SATURN (the WORLD)are practical and hard working too. You can bet that, sticking with it, in the long run is the way to go. If the DEVIL comes up in a relationship reading we’ll have to be pretty convinced that we are willing to make sacrifices (especially financially) in order to make it for the long term. That sentiment brings us to PLUTO (JUDGEMENT).

PLUTO (JUDGEMENT) has been in CAPRICORN since 2008. It is a strong transformative vibe that cuts clear through to cold hard truth. And truth is where PLUTO gains power. In another way, PLUTO (JUDGEMENT) operates in a manner that destroys wishy-washy illusionary thinking. It can also act as a source of inexhaustible fuel – keeping one determined to get down to business.

In 2020 the two, SATURN & PLUTO will meet. If what has been built was done so with caution and due considerations, a new structure can continue to grow even stronger. On the other hand, if there are weak spots, short cuts were taken or wishful thinking manned the helm those structures/systems will crumble. If it is the latter it will be necessary to rebuild AND repair in a way that can withstand the pressures of life in this day and age.

* The main concern about the SATURN & PLUTO conjunction is that portends to socio-economic political systems, that are, as is already evident, under tremendous pressure to change. On a personal level the main area of focus/qualities that come up with the DEVIL card for each of the 12 SUN SIGNS is as follows:

ARIES: Career. Authority. Earned Respect. Status. Reputation. Climbing the ladder.
TAURUS: Education. Travel. Foreign Affairs. New Experiences. Growing up and out of old patterns. New Perspective/ life philosophies.
GEMINI: Investments. Shared Resources. Trust. Balance of Power.
CANCER: Contracts. Commitments. Responsibilities. Marriage. Shadow Side.
LEO: Work. Health. Routine. Being of Service.
VIRGO: Self Expression. Creativity. Freedom. Children. Hobbies that have a future. New business. New love.
LIBRA: Home. Family. Security. Base Motivations. Inner world restriction/restructuring.
SCORPIO: Communication. Friends. Neighbors. Siblings. Time. Natural Talents.
SAGITTARIUS: Value system. Self-worth. Self Esteem. Self-respect. Earnings.
CAPRICORN: Identity. Power. Respect. Appearance. Shedding skin – building a second skin.
AQUARIUS: Unconscious motivations. Time. Loss. Rebuilding from the inside out.
PISCES: Friends. Networks. Teams. Organizations. Community & Communication.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of CAPRICORN/SATURN/PLUTO throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the DEVIL card via TWITTER.*


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