DEATH & 2018 Astrology

KEYWORDS for the DEATH card in...

GENERAL: Transformation. Endings. Completion. Permanent. Awakening. Finished. Overhaul. Death & Rebirth. Breaking and Building part of same process.

LOVE: Depth. Loss. Intensity. Endings. Completely new phase. Truth. End of illusion.

CAREER: Medicine/Surgery. Psychology. Grief Counselling. Investigator. Criminal case worker.

MONEY: Major change. Investments. Sacrifice.

ASTROLOGY: SCORPIO, Pluto & Mars Element: Water

NUMEROLOGY: 13/4 Ground work.  Stability.  Foundation. 


The DEATH card resonates with the zodiac sign SCORPIO. It is always wise to press the point that the appearance of the DEATH card does NOT mean a literal death. Rather it is akin to the concept of death/rebirth cycle of transformation. It is the ‘little death’ that yogis talk about.

Every night brings the passing of the day and everyday passes, bringing on the night. The DEATH card can indicate that ‘it’ can go no further in ‘this’ direction. That could be a literal sign to stop whatever it is you are doing in a physical sense or can suggest the end of something less tangible. For instance, putting the brakes on a train of thought that has been exhausted and now requires a new perspective if progress is to be made or a solution found. In other way it can be psycho-emotional where there is a need to cut ties and let go.

The idea of letting go always seems easier than it is, especially for the person receiving that advice. It’s never a matter of snapping your fingers and ‘poof’ you are free. However, if you can think of it as allowing your attention to be drawn towards a different center point from which all thoughts and feelings seem to revolve it might help ease the tension. The sign of SCORPIO as associated with the DEATH card is often characterized by obsession and unwavering determination. Perhaps, if nothing else, obsessing over something else (preferably better for your psycho-emotional-spiritual health) can encourage a clean break.

In short, the transformation process and/or a distinct transitional point are key concepts surrounding the air of the reading. In some cases, yes, it can come as a blow (depending on other cards). However, it can be an equally welcome card to receive that hurries along the process of unburdening oneself and so sparking a process of rebirth.

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Refreshing to have such a professional-grade reading. This is the real deal. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to the next one!

Josh May 17, 2018

Current ASTROLOGY 2018 for the DEATH card

This year, and since November 2017, JUPITER the planet of expansion, luck and higher understanding works to enlighten the qualities of SCORPIO within us all. Despite the fact JUPITER(WHEEL of FORTUNE)) is typically associated with all things good – abundance, luck, freedom etc. it functions a little differently in Scorpio.

In 2018 JUPITER (WHEEL of FORTUNE) is set to awaken the darker parts of ourselves, digs into our psychological bindings and works to untie us. It does work to our benefit even if it doesn’t feel like that while we are in the process of this purge.

Only when JUPITER (WHEEL of FORTUNE) carries on to SAGITTARIUS (TEMPERANCE) will we truly begin to see how much work we’ve done. We are bound to feel a sense of relief during the last month of the year to find that we have both cleaned up unnecessary parts of the past that weight us down and will be pleasantly surprised that we’ve developed an whole new way to look at our world and our life experience.

These are the areas where JUPITER in SCORPIO will press and prod our innards to provoke a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we do/do not function well in our dance with ‘rest of the world’. How deeply engrained are our idealisms – are we willing to ‘die’ for our beliefs?

Below are the areas of life/qualities that come up for the seeker/subject according to SUN SIGN:

ARIES: Finances. Shared Resources. Trust.
TAURUS: Relationships. Support. Shadow Side.
GEMINI: Work. Health. Being of Service. Routine.
CANCER: Creative Expression/Freedom. New Love. Inspiration.
LEO: Home. Family. Security. Base motivations.
VIRGO: Communication. Connection. Siblings. Writing.
LIBRA: Self worth. Value system. Money. Determination.
SCORPIO: Transformation. Identity. Appearance. Completions. Rebirth.
SAGITTARIUS: Unconscious transformative processes. Dream world. Intuitive guidance. Trust.
CAPRICORN: Friends. Groups. Organizations. The team. Publishing. Networking. Fated reunions.
AQUARIUS: Power. Career. Control. Reputation.
PISCES: Profound new experiences. Education. Higher learning. New perspectives/ philosophies emerging from the heart and merging with the mind, enlightenment.

*I don’t cover all the aspects of SCORPIO/PLUTO throughout the year on the website. It would run too many pages. Instead, I’ll provide UPDATES on the DEATH via TWITTER.*  



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